Network at EPFL

The EPFL network is called EPNET.

The differents access types depend of the physical location. At the campus there is the WiFi (wireless) network and the wired network which are under the exclusive management of DIT-TI. Outside the campus, there is often a WiFi network or a wired access (i.e. at home).

Access at EPFL campus

Network access at campus is offered to the students and staff of EPFL either by WiFi or by wire. By WiFi an authentication is required.

Access for guests at campus

Networtk access at campus is possible for EPFL guests. It is always authenticated.

Intranet access outside EPFL

The differents accesses are possible from :

Infrastructure of EPNET network

The differents elements of the infrastructure are the WiFi and wired network with Internet access (with a firewall) provided by SWITCH. The traffic is measured to be viewed. The main documents are the general rules for the configuration and the domain names.

EPNET (authenticated)

The different services for internal EPFL use only by authorised persons.


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